May 13-15, 2022 Mysore & Ashtanga Intensive Weekend with Susanna Finocchi

May 13-15, 2022 Mysore & Ashtanga Intensive Weekend with Susanna Finocchi
Januar 23, 2022 Andrea

We are very happy and excited to host Susanna Finocchi, first time by us.
3 full days of study, practice, deeper understanding and joy !


8:00 -10:00
Mysore Style Practice
16:00 – 18:00
The roots of Ashtanga yoga – Mysore style history
Yoga is the science of experience and a philosophy for living. The eight limbs provide us with a guide for how to lead a fulfilling and powerful life. When we integrate them into each area of our daily experience, we cultivate a deeper connection to our true identity.
18:30 – 19:00
Guided breathing practice to end the day
We will explore the technic of breathing with sound, the so-called ujjayi breathing to support your Ashtanga Praxis.
This session will end with a small session of easy nadi shodana.


8:00 -10:00
Mysore Style Practice
11:30 – 12:30
Ashtanga Yoga and AGING
(Yoga and Ayurveda for a healthy lifestyle, as a powerful healing modality in all stages of life)
When and how we have to modify the practice with any injuries and particular postures or life-style components that can help with healing and sustaining the practice of yoga for your whole life.
13:00 -15:00
Asana practice Workshop Part 1
We will look at what is Yoga Chikitsa. This workshop will explore and explain the therapeutic Asana Benefits of Primary Serie. What are the different stages of the asana and how to do it correctly? Q&A
(Asana Name Chanting)


8:00 – 10:00
Mysore Style Practice
11:30 – 13:30
Asana practice Workshop Part 2
We will look at Yoga Nadi Shodana and what is the meaning of a sustainable energetic practice. What kinds of physical & psychological preparations do we need to prepare for it.  We will explore some back-bending enhancements: looking at the principles of opening the heart, being vulnerable and the importance to cultivate great strength in the foundation of our lives (and legs).  (Asana name Chanting)

14:00 -15:00
What does us make an advance practitioner? It’s not about the Asana!
Self-practice is the tool to rediscover one’s own way of acceptance of ourselves and love for good health, the joy of living and self-development. Talking self-responsibility through daily practice and discipline, you create an inner space with the feeling of freedom and understanding of your possibilities, although at first you only perceive your own limitations.

We will end this workshop with a small discussion and a period of Q&A



If booked the whole 3-days workshop package (Mysore & all sessions):
250 € early bird until April, 1st 2022

3 Mysore Classes ONLY: 75 Euro

Full package

  • 250 Euros – early bird until April, 1st 2022
  • 280 Euros

full package workshop only

  • 225 Euros – early bird until April, 1st 2022
  • 250 Euros

Your spot is secured with full payment only!
All package fees include a non-refundable 30 € registration. Cancellation up to 1 month in advance with refund excluding the registration fee.

About Susanna:

Susanna has been the leading shala teacher located in Copenhagen since it opened in 2000 till 2018 when she returned to Rome, her hometown, and the shala has been closed . She teaches mysore class and occasionally special classes with some in-depth topics for students who want to deepen their practice. Susanna started her practice in 1993 and already in 1995 she went to Mysore for the first time to study directly with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, returning there in 1996. Since 2003 she has returned to Mysore to both Guruji and Sharat every year. In 2004 she received permission to teach and in July 2009 she completed the first „Special Training Course“ with Sharat in Mysore, addressed to all already authorized teachers, receiving Level 2 for teaching the 2nd Complete Series.

more about Susanna:
ashtanga yoga susanna finocchi

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